To Water or Not to Water

April 9, 2015

By Ken Trankle

DSC00439On Wednesday April 8, 2015 at Washoe Lake State Park, Governor Sandoval signed Executive Order 2015-03 establishing the Nevada Drought Forum.  The order mandates a full water audit and water conservation strategies for the State of Nevada and at all State facilities. The Governor made it clear that “We’re not in the same position as California. It isn’t an emergency. It isn’t meant to panic anyone. We’re all used to living in the desert and all of Nevadans are used to conserving water.”

Living in Washoe Valley for the past 20 years I have seen droughts come and go, but standing there and listening to the Governor’s speech while looking out at the dried up Washoe Lake in the background it really hit home.  Our state is in a real time drought! While there are no statewide mandatory water restrictions in place at this point, we can all do our part in reducing our water use. Washoe County is conserving water by reducing use by 10 percent at parks, buildings and golf courses. The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) Board of Directors asked the community in 2010 to reduce their water use by 25 percent and now have asked the community to reduce its average water consumption by an additional 20 percent by 2035.

The Forum will provide an opportunity for all Nevadans-urban & rural, north & south-to come together and help address this critical challenge. By taking simple steps, Nevada businesses can reduce water use and save money. Below are some links to learn more about conserving water voluntarily.

Learn how Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) and Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) make saving water and money easier with free water audits and other water conservation programs and rebates.