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In 1988, leadership at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) began exploring the idea of offering business environmental assistance through a neutral third party for those business owners and managers who were reluctant to contact the agency directly. That thinking led NDEP to partner with Sam Males, state director of the Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC) based in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno. With an existing statewide network of business assistance centers, the Nevada SBDC was the perfect place to test out the concept and the Nevada Business Environmental Program (BEP) was born.

Surveys of small business owners have consistently identified regulatory compliance, including environmental regulatory compliance and permitting, as a perceived obstacle to business growth. Business owners not versed in environmental regulations often ask which regulations apply to their business and how? Are permits required? What are the best strategies for environmental regulatory compliance? How can the business be greener?

Positioned in the College of Business, BEP is uniquely positioned to answer these questions. BEP takes a business approach to environmental management and environmental regulatory compliance. First, compliance is a necessity and so is obtaining proper environmental permits. Our experts help business owners put together the pieces of the state and local regulatory puzzle in a way that makes sense. Beyond compliance, what’s the business case for making environmental improvements? BEP helps business owners evaluate environmental management strategies and develop improvement plans that minimize pollution and wastes to both reduce the business’s environmental footprint and reduce operating costs. BEP’s approach helps builds healthier more sustainable businesses, environmentally and economically.

After more than thirty years of assisting Nevada’s regulated community, the small team at BEP continues to have an outsized impact. Our business advisory services are specialized in waste and hazardous waste management issues, air quality permitting and compliance, preventing pollution, and strategic planning for environmental sustainability.

No matter where a business or regulated entity is located in Nevada, BEP is ready to assist.

All types of businesses at all stages of development can benefit from using BEP as a resource. Whether working with the Nevada SBDC, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, or the state’s regional economic development authorities to help new or relocating businesses start on the right path or helping existing businesses address growth issues and new regulatory thresholds, the BEP team is available as a trusted business advisor.

If you have a question or an environmental challenge, contact the BEP team today to access our business advisory services that will help you find answers and solutions to your unique needs.

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