AirToxScreen Tool Updates

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released the fourth edition of AirToxScreen, a national screening assessment that estimates cancer and noncancer health risks from air toxics using 2020 data. This tool provides broad estimates of potential health risks and helps identify areas with potential air toxics issues for further assessment in areas around the Country.

Key updates in this edition include:

  1. Community-Scale Assessment: For the first time, results are presented at the community-scale census block level, offering a finer spatial resolution than the previous census tract-level assessments.
  2. Comprehensive Data Compilation: EPA compiled and analyzed air toxics emissions data from state, local, and tribal air agencies, as well as industrial facilities. Where data was missing. Estimates were calculated to provide a more in-depth picture of emissions from various sources, including industries, vehicles, and wildfires.
  3. Health Risk Estimates: The data, combined with toxicity information for over 100 chemicals, were used to create a national assessment estimating potential cancer and other health hazards from air toxics.

This update aims to improve understanding of local air toxics issues and guide further risk assessments. For more information about this tool, visit the US EPA’s AirToxScreen website

To view and use the mapping tool you can visit this Website.