Biennial Reporting Workshops

Reno: January 9th, Las Vegas: January 11th

The Biennial Reporting Workshops scheduled for Reno on Tuesday, January 9 and for Las Vegas on Thursday, January 11 are currently full.

Join the waitlists for the workshops today by emailing Kat Olson at Additional courses may be added based on demand.

If you generated at a large quantity generator (LQG) status (greater than 2,200 lbs of hazardous waste in a calendar month) for any month during 2023, you must complete a biennial report through RCRAInfo. BEP is offering two FREE workshops in January 2024 to help generators complete and submit their report.

The workshops will be conducted in a computer lab where BEP staff will assist users with the RCRAInfo software and allow users to begin the biennial reporting process. Please bring your RCRAInfo login information if you would like to work on your report during the workshop. Registration is required.

  • The Reno workshop will be held on 1/9/2024 from 9AM to 12PM at the UNR Redfield Campus. Register here.
  • The Las Vegas workshop will be held on 1/11/2024 from 9AM to 12PM at Nevada State University. Register here.

*Note that if your facility generated at a LQG status during an approved episodic event, you are not required to complete a biennial report for that activity.