National Enforcement and Compliance Initiatives

FY 2024-2027

The EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) updates its national enforcement and compliance initiatives (NECIs) every three years to address difficult environmental and public health challenges. The EPA focuses its enforcement and compliance assurance resources on the most serious environmental violations by developing and implementing NECIs, in addition to the EPA’s core enforcement work.

The six NECIs for FY 2024-2027 are:

  • Mitigating climate change (new)
  • Addressing exposure to PFAS (new)
  • Protecting communities from coal ash contamination (new)
  • Reducing air toxics in overburdened communities (modified)
  • Increasing compliance with drinking water standards (continued)
  • Chemical accident risk reduction (continued)

Three NECIs have returned to the OECA’s core enforcement program. Initiatives returned to the core enforcement program remain important areas for compliance even though they are no longer NECIs:

  • Reducing toxic air emissions from hazardous waste facilities
  • Stopping aftermarket defeat devices for vehicles and engines
  • Reducing significant noncompliance with NPDES

For more detailed information on the NECIs, read the EPA’s formal memorandum.