NDEP seeking comments on proposed amendments to administrative code chapters 445B, 459 and 468A

Virtual Public Meeting: September 28th, 2pm – 5pm

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) will be holding a virtual meeting on Friday, September 28th to discuss proposed changes to the administrative code. NDEP is proposing:

445B: Adding language that relates to its responsibilities to notify the public when ambient air quality standards have been exceeded and the possible health effects of these events. This rule change will bring more awareness to the public about hazardous air quality events and how the public can get involved in improving air quality in the area. If this is approved, the proposed rule change will be sent to the US Environmental Protection Agency for approval to be added into the Nevada State Implementation Plan (SIP).

459: Changing the language in this regulation relating to the chemical accident prevention program (CAPP) in order to make it more efficient and minimize the resources needed. This proposed change does not impose any new fees, requirements, or burdens on businesses.

468A: Repealing this regulation that relates to the administration and enforcement of the Alternative Fuels Program. This repeal would resolve inconsistencies between regulatory requirements and statutory authority and prevent confusion.

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