Nevada signs MOU to Reduce Emissions from Trucks

Nevada recently became one of 17 states working together to reduce harmful emissions from trucks. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which ensures that Nevada will work towards the goal of having 100 percent of all new medium and heavy-duty vehicle sales be zero emission vehicles by 2050 and have 30 percent of vehicle sales be zero emission by 2030. Nevada and the 16 other states that signed the MOU make up 40 percent of the population and 35 percent of all registered medium and heavy-duty vehicles. If the states are able to achieve these goals, signatories anticipate a significant reduction in emissions released by medium and heavy-duty vehicles.  Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are the second largest contributors to air emissions behind passenger cars. Emissions from vehicles have been proven to have serious effects on human health and can cause asthma, reduced lung capacity, and an increase in susceptibility to respiratory illnesses. Reducing these emissions by even 30 percent would have a positive impact on overall air quality in Nevada. There is also the added benefit of energy efficiency and cost savings. By switching to electric and other alternative fueled vehicles, Nevadans can expect to save money in areas such as vehicle fuel and maintenance costs as well as reduced shipping costs for consumer goods.
The MOU can be accessed here.