New Air Testing Determination System Effective February 1st

On February 1, 2021, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s Air Program announced a new Testing Determination System (TDS).

The TDS is a standardized method the Air Program uses to determine air quality operating permit testing requirements based on a facility’s Potential-to-Emit (PTE), operating parameters, and compliance history. Beginning with the initial phase announced on February 1st, the new TDS applies to baghouses controlling non-combustion emission units.  Additional phases for other air pollution controls and emission units are planned for future development.  

Implementation of this system does not require any immediate action from permitted facilities. However, the next time your facility submits a permit application you will notice that some applications include the option to model non-combustion baghouses as individual sources in order to determine the specific impact more accurately on PTE.

For more information, please review the Testing Determination System for Baghouses Guidance Document (Non-Combustion Emission Units), which can be found at NDEP’s website under “Resources for All Sources” at Download Permit Forms | NDEP (

Contact Eric Florio at BEP,, with any questions.