New BEP Fact Sheet Available

Large Quantity Generators: Contingency Plan Quick Reference Guide

When the State of Nevada updated its hazardous waste regulatory program in August 2020, many provisions from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule were adopted. While numerous provisions in that rule provide greater flexibility for hazardous waste generators, there are a few new provisions that are more stringent and require action on the part of generators.

One such new provision is the requirement for the large quantity generator (LQG) to prepare and submit a Quick Reference Guide that provides first responders with key emergency response information (see 40 CFR §262.262(b) and (c)). This new requirement became effective January 1, 2021 in Nevada and applies when a new or existing LQG is either developing or updating its hazardous waste contingency plan.

Download the fact sheet, which includes a helpful sample Quick Reference Guide, to learn more. Visit our website to learn more about hazardous waste management other requirements for large quantity generatorsContact BEP with any questions.