Green Chemistry and Safer Choice

EPA Announces 2021 Safer Choice Award Winners

Are you wondering what products to make or buy for your business that are effective and safe for the environment? Safer Choice is a program offered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage the manufacturing and use of products that contain ingredients that are safer for the environment and human health. 

Safer Choice certified products have the Safer Choice label which provides assurances to the consumer that the product has been thoroughly evaluated and is safe to use.   Companies employ green chemistry to make or re-formulate products using safer alternatives and safer chemical ingredients. Having Safer Choice certified products can also be an asset for marketing and communicating with customers and for helping a company achieve environmental and sustainability goals. 

If you are looking for Safer Choice certified products, you can go to EPA’s website database and search by categories including many types of cleaning products.

EPA recently announced the 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Winners. These include businesses, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations and others that have demonstrated a commitment to pollution prevention by reducing, eliminating, or preventing pollution at its source prior to recycling, treatment, or disposal. 

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