New Compliance Requirements for Dry Cleaners


The final rule for the Dry Cleaning NESHAP/NSPS Technology review is expected to be published this winter and dry cleaners must be in compliance with the final rule 180 days after the publication date. The proposed changes will affect all dry-to-dry machines at existing major and area sources. The current proposed rule will reduce emissions of Perchloroethylene (PCE) from industrial and commercial dry cleaners by requiring all sources subject to the PCE Dry Cleaning NESHAP, whether new or existing, to be equipped with refrigerated condensers and carbon adsorbers. This change is based on findings from a technology review performed by the US EPA as required by the Clean Air Act.
For further information visit the Dry Cleaning NESHAP website or review the proposed rule. Contact BEP for assistance understanding how the proposed rule will impact your dry cleaning facility.