Agency Contacts

Environmental, Health & Safety Agencies

This directory lists various regulatory agencies and assistance programs that address environmental, health and safety issues associated with small businesses in Nevada. The Nevada Business Environmental Program (BEP) will update this directory on a regular basis. 

Business Environmental Program

All types of businesses at all stages of development can benefit from using BEP as a resource. We are a free and confidential source that can assist new or existing businesses address growth issues or regulatory thresholds. BEP specializes in waste and hazardous waste management issues, air quality permitting and compliance, preventing pollution, and strategic planning for environmental sustainability. We are able to work with the Nevada SBDC, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, or the state’s regional economic development authorities to help new or relocating businesses start on the right path.

Additional Small Business Environmental Assistance

EPA Small Business Ombudsman (Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization): (800) 368-5888

Hazardous Waste

County and State agencies throughout Nevada operate permitting and compliance programs to ensure that each facility is informed of the rules and regulations they should follow and that they have the necessary permits to transport and handle hazardous waste. Facilities located in Nevada should contact one of the numbers below in order to obtain the appropriate forms or applications for hazardous waste.

  • Washoe County Environmental Health Services: (775) 328-2642
  • RCRA Federal Regulations: Click Here
  • Nevada Administrative Code for Hazardous Waste: Click Here

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste can be easy to accumulate and difficult to dispose of, especially if you are located in a rural area. Whether it is fertilizers, aerosols, antifreeze, motor oil, or paint supplies, everyone accumulates household hazardous waste. The section below is meant to provide you with a contact that can dispose of household hazardous waste.

Northern Nevada

  • Graymar Environmental: (775) 357-8554
  • Hero Environmental: (775) 900-HERO
  • Waste Management: (775) 329-8822
  • Carson City Landfill (Carson City only): (775) 882-6066
  • Douglas Disposal and Recycling Service (make appt. to drop off): (775) 782-5713
  • Humboldt County Regional Landfill (Humboldt residents only): (775) 623-2985
  • Incline Village General Improvement District (will close for the winter season on Nov 16, 2021) : Click here to make an appointment

Southern Nevada

  • Republic Services (Quarterly Collection Program): (702) 734-5400
  • U.S. Ecology: (800) 239-3943
  • Ely Solid Waste Landfill Manager: (775) 289-2430
  • Mesquite Landfill: (702) 346-5396

Solid Waste and Recycling

The safe management of solid and hazardous waste is important to maintain a healthy environment. These substances should be properly disposed of and managed. The contact information that is provided in this section can be used to find out information on permitting or proper disposal.

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management
    • Carson City Office: (775) 687-4670
  • Southern Nevada Health District, Solid Waste Management Authority: (702) 759-0600
  • Washoe County Health District, Waste Management Program: (775) 328-2642
  • Nevada Recycling Hotline: (800) 597-5865
  • Waste Management:
    • Carson City: (775) 343-7596
    • Fernley: (775) 575-4964
    • Incline Village: (775) 831-2971
    • Lyon County: (775) 329-8822
    • Reno: (775) 909-4458
    • Sparks: (775) 909-4458
    • Storey County: (775) 909-4458
    • Washoe County: (775) 909-4458

Hazardous Materials Storage

Hazardous chemicals that pose an unreasonable risk to the health and safety must be properly stored. The storage of these chemicals is regulated by the State, County, or City Fire Department, depending on your location. The section below has content meant to assist businesses in finding the proper authority to contact for the storage of hazardous materials. Any areas that do not have a number specific to their county are regulated by the State of Nevada Fire Marshal’s Office

Northern Nevada

  • Carson City Fire Department: (775) 887-2210
  • City of Elko Fire Department: (775) 777-7345
  • Churchill County Fire Department: (775) 423-6521
  • Tonopah Fire Service: (775) 482-6336
  • White Pine County Sheriff’s Office: (775) 293-6503
  • Winnemucca Fire Department: (775) 623-6329

Southern Nevada

  • Clark County’s Building and Fire Safety: (702) 455-3000
  • Clark County Fire Prevention: (702) 455-7311    
  • Henderson’s Building and Fire Safety: (702) 267-3900
  • City of Henderson Fire Prevention: (702) 267-2222
  • City of Las Vegas, Deputy Fire Marshall: (702) 229-0440
  • City of Las Vegas Fire Prevention: (702) 383-2888
  • City of North Las Vegas: (702) 633-1102
  • Nye County Fire Services: Click Here

All Other Areas in Nevada

  • State of Nevada Fire Marshal’s Office: (775) 684-7500
  • Hazardous Materials Permit Assistance: (775) 684-7524                                        
  • Hazardous Materials Inspectors: (775) 684-7503

Department of Transportation: Hazardous Material Transportation

Transporting hazardous materials on roads and highways can be very dangerous. Programs are designed to increase the safety of the transportation of these materials and reduce the number of incidents that occur. If you require a permit or have questions about transporting hazardous materials, you may want to contact one of the phone numbers below.

  • Nevada Highway Patrol, Hazardous Materials Permit Section: (775) 684-4622
  • Northern Nevada Highway Patrol, Reno Office: (775) 697-9600
  • Southern Nevada Highway Patrol, Las Vegas Office: (702) 486-4100
  • Central Nevada (Headquarters): (775) 687-5300
  • US DOT Hazardous Materials Permit

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA and Safety Concentration and Training Section (SCATS) are organizations designed to keep workers safe and healthy while on the job. This section is meant to provide the proper contact information for each organization in Nevada for workers and businesses to contact.

  • OSHA – Northern Nevada: (775) 688-3700
  • OSHA – Southern Nevada, Henderson: (702) 486-9000
  • OSHA – Southern Nevada, Las Vegas: (702) 486-9020
  • Federal OSHA Hotline: (800) 321-OSHA
  • SCATS: (877) 472-3368

Nevada Local Emergency Planning Committees

Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) coordinate the activities of each planning district by developing an emergency response plan, reviewing the plan at least annually, and providing information about chemicals in the community to citizens. This section provides a link to each City or County’s contact for their LEPC representatives along with the information for the State Emergency Response Commission’s (SERC) Contact.

Carson City 
Churchill County
Clark County
Douglas County
Elko County
Esmeralda County
Eureka County
Humboldt County
Lander County
Lincoln County
Lyon County
Mineral County
Nye County
Pershing County
Storey County
Washoe County
White Pine County

Air Emissions/ Permitting

Air Quality Departments located throughout Nevada are designed to implement practices to keep the quality of air clean. If you or your business require information or permitting forms, you should contact one of the phone numbers below.

Wastewater Discharge

Wastewater discharges from industrial and commercial sources may contain pollutants that can adversely affect the quality of water received by the public utilities. The phone numbers provided in this section can be used to contact your State or local utility with any comments or questions.

State of Nevada, Bureau of Water Pollution Control (including Stormwater)

  • Carson City: (775) 687-4670
  • Las Vegas: (702) 688-3900

Northern Nevada

  • Carson City, Public Works: (775) 887-2355
  • City of Reno, Public Works: (775) 334-2350
  • Douglas County, Water Utility: (775) 782-9989
  • Elko, Water Reclamation Facility: (775) 777-7386
  • Ely, Water Department: (775) 289-2150
  • Fallon, Water Treatment Plant: (775) 423-3040
  • Fernley, Public Works: (775) 784-9910
  • Humboldt County, Public Works: (775) 623-6416
  • Lyon County, Water and Sewer Office: (775) 246-6220
  • Pershing County, Water Department: (775) 273-2700
  • Winnemucca, Public Works: (775) 623-6381

Southern Nevada

  • City of Las Vegas, Water Pollution Control: (702) 229-6200
  • City of North Las Vegas, Utilities Department: (702) 633-1484
  • City of Henderson, Utility Services:  (702) 267-2500
  • Clark County, Water Reclamation District: (702) 668-8888
  • Nye County, Water District: (775) 727-3487

Chemical Spill/Prevention

If you or your facility use, store, produce, or handle highly hazardous substances in certain quantities, you may have to abide by certain provisions and regulations. As a result, you may want to contact the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s Chemical Accident Prevention Program to see if you will need a permit. If you have had any spillage or leakage of these substances you should contact one of the phone numbers below to receive assistance.

Underground Storage Tanks

If you or your business had a leak that has impacted soil, water, or other ecological resources you may want to contact the phone number below in order to report it and receive guidance on how to properly clean up the spill so that no additional damage is done.

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Corrective Actions: (775) 687-9368

Agriculture & Pesticide Waste Management

The Nevada Division of Agriculture will take back unused and expired pesticides so that it isn’t up to you to figure out how to properly dispose of them. If you have any unused or expired pesticides, please contact the numbers below.

  • Reno Area: (775) 353-3600
  • Las Vegas Area: (702) 668-4590