Wood Stove Change-Out Rebates Available Again for A Limited Time in Carson City and Douglas County

Are you home more during the pandemic? Do you have an older wood stove or zero clearance wood fireplace insert that isn’t getting the job done anymore or is using too much wood?

Improve the heat and comfort of your home, use less wood each winter, and save some money by replacing your old pre-1992 wood stove with a new US EPA-certified wood stove, pellet stove, or natural gas stove. You will also be helping your local community keep the air we breathe cleaner by emitting less particulate matter and soot into the atmosphere – a particular problem when there is a wintertime air inversion.

Rebates between $600-$1,200 are available, with a $400 bonus rebate available for residents of the Tahoe Basin! Call BEP today for more information.

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