Environmental Sustainability Strategies

Operating in a manner that reduces or eliminates negative impacts on the environment can lower costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase employee and customer loyalty. It makes good business sense to explore sustainability strategies for your organization.

What is environmental sustainability? It is the protection of natural resources whether through elimination of pollution, efficient use of resources, use of renewable resources, and/or elimination of waste, for example, so that the natural environment is preserved and improved. Here in Nevada, preserving and protecting our water, air, and soil is of great importance. We also have many choices of renewable energy resources available to us.

BEP Can Help

Any business can put environmental sustainability initiatives in place but figuring out where to start and what to do first can be overwhelming. For businesses that have strategies in place, determining next steps can be challenging.

The Nevada Business Environmental Program (BEP) can help your organization develop environmental strategies that make sense for your Nevada business. Having another perspective might just lead to a strategy that is a win for you and the environment. BEP is available to assist your business through the idea and planning process. We can do this with in-person and virtual site visits to help assess current strategies while researching and connecting your business to available resources to build a new strategy or expand on current strategies.

Additional Information

To learn more about specific strategies follow the links below.

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