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Air Quality Emissions

Do you have air emissions at your facility? If you do, you may be subject to state or federal air quality regulations and may need to follow specific management and reporting guidelines or even need an air quality permit in order to operate.

Air pollutants are often released through the equipment and process that a facility uses to create their final product. The need for an air permit is based on the amount and type of emissions of air pollutants released from the business.

Below is a short list of the types of activities or equipment that may produce air emissions:

  • Having a stack, dust collector or vent
  • Using a process that includes paints, varnishes, solvents, adhesives or other chemicals
  • Using a process that burns fuel (such as oil, natural gas, coal)
  • Having an area that produces visible dust or smoke

Air Quality Permitting in Nevada

In Nevada there are three government agencies that handle air permitting. Where you are located in the state will determine what agency you will need to work with to get any required approvals. These three agencies all have different permitting requirements, permit types, regulations, and permitting thresholds.

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It is important to note that all of these agencies have different timelines to obtain permitting! Avoid costly penalties and fines by getting started with the process early to make sure you have proper permitting before you begin construction of your facility.

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